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Dirty Drift: Bash Bros. 2013

Dirty Drift Presents: Bash Bros 2013

A short video of the Dirty Drift Team in all their glory, with a little insight into how drifting at the compound began from Carlos Santos. I’ve designed their logos for stickers, this video, and some shirts they may be producing soon, awesome to see them get a kickass video out there. You can find the Dirty Drift Team on Facebook via the link above, they post great content and news about things going on with the team.

Kip Pinder – Miata
Carlos Santos – 240sx (on white wheels)


Sons Of Ragnar Logo

Sons of Ragnar – EP Mastering

I recently began work on mastering an EP for a band local to Central Florida, that I met through car stuff.

(another reason why cars are awesome)

Anyways, the Sons of Ragnar are my newest client, and hail from Longwood, FL and are here to rape and pillage our women, homes and cars. Now, before you get upset, they aren’t ACTUALLY going to do any of that, they are a Pagan/Viking Deathmetal band, and they do indeed live up to their chosen genre.

Sons of Ragnar is a five piece band consisting of:


The Groove Orient

The Groove Orient

Took us a while, but the music video for The Groove Orient’s song Rush is finally up on Vimeo. This also uses the mastered version of the song.


Speed Racer

Music Racer Project

The task was to create 6 different musical loops, 2 for each lap of a racing level in a game. You needed to loops for an A and B effect, one loop would be chosen randomly to play to keep the audience entertained. We also created a “First Place” layer, that played over any one of the loops to let you know you were winning.

Finally there was a Boost item that would make you go faster, so we had to create a loop that would play as you boosted, and 2 different pickup sounds, one as you picked up the boost, and one for the boost charging up. I played and recorded the Bass and Electric Guitars and synthesized all the Boost sounds from scratch.



Say You Love Me

In my Session Recording class at Full Sail University, in my lab group I recorded and produced this cover with the other students in my lab group. The mix however is completely original work done by me. I forgot I had made a CD for the song, and found it in my car the other day. I can’t remember the artist that recorded this in the studio with us, but I am doing my best to find out. I know they are a local Winter Park band that records with Full Sail often.

**Disclaimer: This song was/is used for educational purposes under limited rights, all rights to the original song are owned by Fleetwood Mac**



Jacob Jeffries Band: The Game

For my Music Production and Arrangement class at Full Sail University I remixed another song, this one called “The Game” by the Jacob Jeffries Band.

Our instructor gave us 2 requirements:

1. Remix the track how you see fit

2. Try not to make the track longer than 2:30



Critical Listening Soundscape: Afternoon Cruise

For Critical Listening at Full Sail our final project was to come up with a story completely made of sound. My soundscape tells the story of someone going for a drive to the beach and some of the things that happen along the way.

I used my own car for the different car sounds, doors opening, startup engine noises, blinkers and other noises.



Fully Alive feat. Danica Baxter by DNR Productions

DNR Productions is what I have chosen to dub the act that is my girlfriend, my two friends Aaron and Alex, and I doing covers of bands we like. We have been working on recording, mixing, mastering and producing the video for this song for almost 2 months now.

Here is the fruit of our labor.



Sons of Ragnar – EP Mastering Part 2

The Sons of Ragnar put on an amazing show on September 7th, and presented the world with their EP. Here are the last three songs on the EP, and a gratuitous video.



Elegant Exposures

A friend of mine’s mother runs a photography company and needed some help setting up a website, so installed WordPress and set her up with a simple theme. It has been changed since I got it running, but there is good content to follow on that site.

Elegant Exposures

Bad Michael Jackson

Bad: Remix

For my Final Project during my Music Production and Arrangement Class at Full Sail University I remixed and re-arranged “Bad” by Michael Jackson.

Vocals by Danica Baxter

**All rights to the Musical Work are owned by Michael Jackson‘s Estate**


Red Square

Red Square Project

I took Advanced Interactive Audio and was tasked with creating all the sounds for a level themed like a post apocalyptic communist environment, such as Ambiences for Indoors and Outdoors, the movement of the secret Stone Door, the “Hum” and “Use” sounds for a Teleportation Portal, and a Jump Pad that flings you into the air. I also created pickup sound for the health objects, and created the sounds for one of the guns called the Shock Rifle.

I have some videos of the level I created, but I dont have the videos uploaded to YouTube yet. If you follow me on Twitter by pressing the icon, you will be kept updated as I upload them.


Melting Clock

Slow the Clock

I composed this using stem files from other artists for an Ableton sponsored competition, but I took too long and the “clock” ran out. The competition required you to create a song in under 24 hours after downloading the stems.



The Doppler Shift: Atrophy

For my Music Production and Arrangement class at Full Sail University I remixed a song called “Atrophy” by The Doppler Shift.

Our instructor gave us 2 requirements:

1. Remix the track how you see fit

2. Try not to make the track longer than 2:30

I removed the Overhead track, and I went straight from the first verse and chorus into the last verse and chorus.



Greek Condoms

In one of my first classes at Full Sail we were tasked with creating a radio ad. My group and I created a spinoff/spoof to Trojan Condoms, with lots of Greek puns.

I narrated the entire clip (with some pitch adjustments) and helped edit it.